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Need a New Furnace or Fireplace?

Eliminate the guess work with a free estimate on your project


Your chimney and fireplace adds a lot to your home. It adds value to your home, is aesthetically pleasing and serves as an extra heat source. That’s why it’s important to take good care of your chimney and fireplace. Luckily, with help from Master Chimney Sweep in Moncton, we can make it easy for you! We provide services such as chimney sweeping and inspection, repairs and much more! While it’s a good idea to sweep your chimney regularly, it’s also important to have it inspected. In fact, The Canadian Fire Code states that chimneys and other solid fuel burning systems must be inspected at least once a year. We are locally owned and operated by Patrick O. Cormier, who has been in the industry since 1981 and is fully WETT certified. To learn more about the services we offer, contact Master Chimney Sweep today.

Small wood-burning fireplace

Installations and Sales

Are you in the market for a new wood stove or fireplace? Here at Master Chimney Sweep, we don’t just provide inspections and repairs, we also have a full line of  brand name products for sale. We can also install them for you as well! To help with your planning, Master Chimney Sweep provides free estimates for projects. Among the products we carry include:

Wood stoves

Fireplace inserts



Stainless steel liners

And more!


Top Hat and Tails

At Master Chimney Sweep, we’re not just known for our excellent service products, we also like to have a little fun! When on the job, our owner Patrick O. Cormier often dresses in traditional chimney sweep clothing of a black top hat and tuxedo, which is what you might have seen going back as far as the 1700s!

Chimney being sweeped in traditional chimney sweeping clothing

Time to Replace Your Fireplace?

Let us perform your fireplace or other appliances installations!

Don’t Shiver Through Another Winter

With our repair services, we’ll make sure your furnace is up-and-running

Keep Your Appliance Energy Efficient

We offer maintenance for furnaces and stoves to keep them operating at peak performance

Are Your Selling Your Home?

We can provide basic visual and more comprehensive inspections at your home

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