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Master Chimney Sweep Inspections: What We Offer

Are you planning to sell a house or are you changing/renewing home insurance? If so, Master Chimney Sweep can provide the inspections necessary for those situations. We have three different levels of inspections:


With our basic visual inspection, we will check readily accessible components of solid fuel burning appliances or a site-built fireplace, as well as the venting systems.


This inspection will check all the accessible components of the fuel burning appliances or fireplaces.


The third tier of inspection will check all of the concealed components of your heating systems.

Brick chimney at the top of a house

Chimney Inspection and Sweeping

Your chimney and fireplace are great additions to your home. But they can also become problematic if not taken care of properly. In fact, The Canadian Fire Code requires that all chimneys and other solid fuel burning systems be inspected once a year. Making sure your chimney is clean will help prevent chimney fires, protect your health by removing harmful fumes and help avoid damage from smoke. To learn more, contact Master Chimney Sweep today.

For more information about the inspection services we offer, contact Master Chimney Sweep today.

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