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Wood Stove Maintenance in Moncton: Master Chimney Sweep

You depend on your heating systems in your home to keep you comfortable and safe during the winter. But just like with any other appliance, your heating systems need to be properly maintained to ensure they are operating at their full potential. With services like wood stove maintenance in Moncton and the surrounding areas, Master Chimney Sweep will make sure your appliances run efficiently and help you avoid expensive repair costs.

Our maintenance services include:

Annual wood stove maintenance:

During this top-to-bottom evaluation, we will perform a sweep of the entire system and remove combustive products like ash, soot and creosote. Your wood stove will run more efficiently and last longer.

Annual pellet appliance maintenance:

We perform an intensive cleaning of the system, including all passages and venting to remove products of combustion and prevent off-season corrosion.

Annual gas maintenance:

We will clean the glass and check all connections, while also refreshing the glowing embers.

For more information about what we offer, contact Master Chimney Sweep today.

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